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Access your own funds

Australia's only Visa Debit card that supports women with breast cancer and their families. Not only are you able to support the McGrath Foundation but you will have a card that acts like a credit card. You can purchase with visa while using your own money.

Community First will donate $1 of the card’s monthly fee to the McGrath Foundation. Together we are making a difference with over $570,000 donated already. The money raised goes towards putting McGrath Breast Care Nurses in the community. These nurses support women with breast cancer and their families.

No credit application required.


The Benefits Of The Pink Visa Debit Card

It's Widely Accepted - A McGrath Pink Visa Debit Card is perfect for your everyday purchases, shopping online and travelling overseas.

It's Convenient – Spend your own money wherever you’d normally need a credit card. Your McGrath Pink Visa Debit Card acts a credit card but you are using your own money.
If you are in store, for purchases under $100, just wave your Visa payWave-enabled card in front of a contactless reader and go - there's no need for a signature or pin.

Use your own money - Your Visa Debit Card is connected to your transaction account or savings account so that you are always in control. There will be no bill shock at the end of the month and you don’t have to worry about interest rates.

Secure & safe - The McGrath Pink Visa Debit Card provides the same level of security as you would expect from a credit card. You get an inbuilt security chip which is used instead of magnetic strip on the back of the older style cards. In addition, you can make use of a Pin number rather than signing to boost the safety of your payments.

Support the McGrath Foundation - Pink is for men and women and you can show your support of the McGrath Foundation. Together we can all make a difference to the lives of women with breast cancer and improve breast awareness amongst younger women.


Apply for a McGrath Pink Visa Card and you'll get these great features.

  • Functions exactly like a Visa Card but utilises your own money. It allows you to use your own money to pay bills, purchase goods online or simply go shopping.
  • Allows you to perform transactions online, via any ATM with the Visa symbol, EFTPOS and over the counter.
  • A low monthly fee of just $2, with $1 donated to the McGrath Foundation each month.
  • $5.00 account maintenance fee+. This account maintenance fee entitles you to the following free transactions:
  • All Visa Debit purchases
  • All Direct Debits
  • All Internet Banking Transfer
  • 5 x ATM withdrawal per month at rediATM. Greater than 5 rediATM withdrawals charged at $1.75 each.
  • No minimum monthly deposit.
  • Access to 3,500 rediATMs, Australia's second largest ATM network.
  • Paywave available for purchases under $100.

Rates & Fees

Interest Rates

The McGrath Pink Visa Debit Card is attached to a Community First every-day transaction account. This is an on-call account where there is no minimum balance and balances over $1,000 earn interest. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly at the end of each month.

The current interest rate on balances over $1,000 is 1% p.a.

Debit Card and Everyday Access Account fees

Monthly account fee
$5.00 per month (includes 5 x rediATM network withdrawals per month)
McGrath Pink Debit card fee
$2.00 per month ($1.00 is donated to the McGrath Foundation)
Unlimited free
Direct debits
Unlimited free
Periodical payments
Unlimited free
Internet banking
Unlimited free
Excess ATM withdrawals
5 Free rediATM withdrawals are included per month.
Greater than 5 rediATMs withdrawals are $1.75 per transaction.
Non rediATMs withdrawals are $1.50 per transaction.

Other Fees and Charges

Fees are charged according to the way in which you use your account. By understanding and taking advantage of our approach to fees and charges, together with knowing how different fees are charged, you may be able to minimise or avoid paying any transaction fees at all.

You can apply for a McGrath Pink Visa card from anywhere in Australia by applying online. It will take you approximately 5 minutes, provided you have all the relevant information on hand. There are 3 easy steps to follow.

Other ways to apply
  • Call us on 1300 13 22 77
  • Visit your nearest Community First Financial Services Store in Sydney or the Central Coast. To find your nearest Store, visit our Store Locator Tool on the Community First website.

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